What We Do


Creating ecological landscapes that are regenerative and beautiful.

Often, when human and natural systems meet – conflict arises. We strive to find ecological solutions that not only solve those problems, but also create attractive natural landscapes.


Connecting people and nature through ecologically inspired design.

Dismantling long held notions that natives can only be “wild”, we explore the entire plant spectrum to find native solutions that are as aesthetically beautiful as they are ecologically functional.


Guiding the success and effectiveness of native plant communities.

Balancing design with nature’s intent takes a knowledgeable and invested staff. Ensuring the future success of complex plantings is our specialty. Let us work with you to bring out your landscape’s potential.


Spreading ecological stewardship through community engagement. 

We work with local organizations to educate and inspire the communities that we work in. From talks to demonstrations, our goal is showing the beauty, functionality, and philosophy behind ecological stewardships.

Down to Earth Services | Prairie Burn

Down to Earth Services recently conducted a controlled burn on a 1-acre prairie. Learn about some of the reasons that fire is used as a tool to promote biodiversity and support the overall integrity of the prairie.

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