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Preparing the Soil for Native Plants

Soil Preparation and Native Plant Planting

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Natural Mulch Vs Dyed Mulches

Natural Mulch compared to Dyed Mulches for Your Garden and Landscapes by Natalie Gibson

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A Guide to Naturescape Landscaping

At Down to Earth Services, we specialize in using locally grown plants to create pristine natural landscapes for your…

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Native Shrubs to Add to Your Landscaping

For a good reason, native planting is one of the most popular trends in local landscaping. As much as we adore our…

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Best Flowers to Plant in the Fall Native to Missouri and Kansas

Missouri gardens are in full bloom as summer reaches its peak and days become technically shorter. Gardeners are…

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10 Medicinal Plants to Grow in Your Garden

Not only are plants and flowers beautiful and enhance your landscaping, but numerous plants provide medicinal benefits…

A Guide to Missouri Native Flowers

If you are from the state of Missouri or currently live in Missouri, you are more than likely aware of the many…

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Top 10 Best Plants for A Wildlife Garden

If you have space and the inclination, creating a wildlife garden can be a wonderful addition to your outdoor space.…

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Winter Plants That Thrive in Your Native Landscape

In Missouri and across different areas of the world, many people dread the winter months.  However, winter is a season…